mini MBA / программы профессионального развития

KIBIT Business School is a school with different from others philosophy and approaches: using international technology, it focuses primarily on a domestic manager and economics. A complex of programs of KIBIT Business School, from seminars and training courses to MBA programs, is designed for leaders who want to effectively manage the business in Ukraine.

Professional development programs, or a mini MBA program, are interesting either as separate programs that provide knowledge and skills in a particular area or as a first step of a two-tier MBA program with specialization.

The main purpose of professional development programs is to give students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the management of their company or functional subsystems of the company as well as develop their managerial and leadership potential to successfully solve complicated professional tasks and achieve strategic business goals.

The training process finishes with the presentation of a diploma project which aims at a complex cross-functional solution of problems of management and development of their company or organization. In the course of the program trainees under the supervision of experienced consultants carry out a real consulting project for their company.

The program involves the owners and top-managers of well-known businesses who will reveal secrets of their success.

Document after graduation: a diploma «mini MBA with specialization» of KIBIT business school, state diploma of bachelor / specialist.