General МВА


Ideology of the winner

Trainees of General MBA program is the generation of young successful managers who have received a solid basic education and have achieved success in business. They are able to think creatively, to understand the situation and in the middle and in the long run. They are oriented on the result, career and professional growth. This is the generation of a new ideology — the ideology of the winner.

The philosophy of the MBA program at KIBIT Business School is that business is considered as a of professionalism and creativity.

Teachers at KIBIT business school possess modern theoretical knowledge, lead active practical activity. They have extensive experience of teaching at leading business schools and universities of Ukraine, are the authors of teaching materials and techniques, scientific publications and books.

The program involves the owners and top-managers of well-known businesses who will reveal secrets of their success.

During the second year students have internship abroad (it is optional), which includes visits to enterprises with a high level of organization of production and competitiveness.

The training process finishes with the presentation of a diploma project, which aims at a complex cross-functional solution of problems of management and development of your company or organization.

Language of instruction: Russian, Ukrainian.

Documents after graduation: a diploma «MBA» of KIBIT business school, state diploma of bachelor / specialist.

A graduate of the MBA program:

  • is ready for changes,
  • is capable of strategic thinking,
  • operates a complex of scientific knowledge and practical tools of business management,
  • possesses the skills of business communications and effective presentations,
  • increases his/her professional value and gets an opportunity for the career growth,
  • has a cross-cultural outlook.