KIBIT Business School

Established in November, 2004, KIBIT Business School is a structural subdivision of Kiev Institute of Business and Technologies.

Kiev Institute of Business and Technologies is fundamental traditions, efficient methods of teaching and knowledge transfer in the areas of higher economic education and services on upgrading qualifications.

In the course of our work we found out that a lot of specialists encounter a difficult problem. On the one hand, they wish to continue their education to meet the modern requirements, but on the other hand — what can one teach the director of the company who takes management and financial challenges every day. Such a person can he himself teach a lot. It is for these people KIBIT Business School was established.

Our mission

Realization and development of human potential in a global society.

Our Essence

KIBIT Business School is an educational establishment, created for the Ukrainian top-management. The programs have been developed taking into account the Ukrainian realities and are modified in accordance with their changes. Using the international technology, we focus on the realities of the Ukrainian economics.

Our Role

We help leaders to change before, and not as a result of global business reforms of the society.

Our Activities

KIBIT Business School deals with preparing professional management personnel, entrepreneurs and managers of the new style of thinking. We raise our trainees who deeply understand the peculiarities of the national market economics, possess the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare, take and put into action effective management decisions.

We use the experience of not only western, but also Russian and Polish programs whose business environment is closer to the Ukrainian market. The range of programs, provided by KIBIT Business School, from trainings to MBA programs is designed for the senior top managers and owners who want to manage the business effectively in THEIR country.

Our Values

Leader in all aspects. We display leadership not only in work, but also in life, we are not afraid of taking the initiative and standing our ground.

Purposeful. Our goal is clear, and we move directly towards it, all our programs are aimed at forming in our trainees the ideology of the winner.

Responsibility. We are responsibility before the trainees for the product that we offer, as well as to the people and the world for all our activities.

Diversity. We accept the world as it is, and try to take into account all possible points of view.

Involvement in the process. We love what we do; we want to benefit the society we live in.

Striving for perfection. We do our work well, and strive to do it even better by synthesizing combining the creative, theoretical and value constituents.